About Us

OURGIRL is a UK based women’s fashion brand with the aim of being a visionary where fashion has no limits. We do this through the creation of sexy, unique and modern designs whilst also creating a platform that brings fashion lovers together. Within a few months of trading, we have already attracted many UK and international celebrities who can be seen wearing OURGIRL.

The brand was created by two fashion lovers who embrace the idea of transforming the way we dress, we want all of our customers to really believe that nothing is impossible when they put on OURGIRL clothing. One of our main values is keeping the brand authentic no matter how big of a brand we become. This is why we share behind the scenes content on our Instagram page and regularly host IGTV series and live videos.

Fulfilling the dreamlike brand does not stop there, we do everything with love – right down to the logistics. The journey of your item(s) is one we have created to be that of a fairytale, we absolutely hated the idea of just throwing your item in a bag and sending it out. That’s why all our products are carefully hand- wrapped in OURGIRL tissue paper, sealed with love by our delicate stickers and placed into our luxe signature pink boxes.

We hope that every customer, every social media follower and every person who comes across our brand in some shape or form, falls in love with OURGIRL and the messages behind the brand. We promise to continue doing the best we can in proving that fashion really does have no limits!

With love,

Our girl x