About Us

                                      OUR GIRL - THE ‘GIRLS GIRL’ BRAND!

                                 BECAUSE GIRLS REALLY DO RUN THE WORLD…


Our Girl is a modern fashion brand that has all girls in mind. We have made it our mission to make every girl look and feel their best - so that you can really live your best life. The slogan ‘Girls run the world’ comes from Queen B’s hit “Run the World (girls)” as we believe this song empowers everything there is about being a strong and fierce 21st century woman!


Our main values are: 

InclusivityNo stereotyping over here guuurl!!

We want every single person who comes across our website to be able to find a product for themselves. We know that each woman has their own personal style and we want to showcase that! Our girl offers a range of sizes so that all women can shop with us, we also work closely with models of all different shapes and sizes to help you best choose your items.


DiverstiyPromoting a diverse culture each and every day

Diversity at Our Girl comes in many forms, whether it is the models and influencers we choose to work with or the people we employ. Diversity is at the heart of our brand and we are continuously looking for ways to promote the concept even further.


Positivity No bad vibes Hun.

As Beyonce said ‘Endless power, with our love we can devour’, Bey knows exactly what vibe we're on – the power of love! We believe that when we all come together we can truly change the world. We recognise that as a company we have a duty to promote positivity and kindness, especially on the internet and social media platforms, which is why we have strict measures in place to ensure our social media feeds are a place of love, kindness and empowerment … and amazing outfits of course!